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Birthday: January 16th, 2021

Breed: Standard Poodle

Our newest "employee" at Celebration Salon. With the official title of salon therapy dog Atticus is here to brighten our days with just his presence. Not to worry, if you would prefer not to greet him, he will just be on his bed, away from the station chair, resting and taking in the world. Atticus is red standard poodle, hypoallergenic, and is a year old. 


Atticus was born and raised in California. His puppy raiser is one of the salon receptionists and came to work with her every day during his puppyhood. The salon is where he did a lot of his training and we grew to love and adore his personality and how much joy he brought to everyone. The time spent with a puppy raiser is short, and eventually, he had to go back to learn even more. Every day he was gone, we missed him incredibly! Once he was done with the program, Atticus was available to adopt. Once I heard the news, I knew that he was meant to be with me and I quickly made plans to adopt him. He was officially adopted and brought back to be at the salon just a few days before thanksgiving of 2021. We can all tell that he's happy to be back and we are so happy to have him back!

How it started and how it's going....

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