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Hair Loss Prevention

The hair loss journey can be a deeply traumatic and isolating experience. For many women, its not just hair loss- its the loss of self confidence and self esteem. At Celebration Salon, we are here to try and ease some of the emotional strain that hair loss causes. We have searched all over the globe for the most innovative and helpful products for our clients. Additionally, we are incredibly proud to represent and stand behind the following products. 

CRLAB is one of our most recent additions. Developed in a laboratory by some of the worlds leading hair loss experts, these lines are designed specifically for you. Each line is rich in different vitamins and nutrients to address the root of scalp problems.

CRLAB offers 5 product lines

  • Hair loss prevention

  • Antidandruff moisturizing 

  • Sebum regulating

  • Daily care

  • Extra care


Daniel Alain Intact

Intact by Daniel Alain is proven to reduce hair shedding in just one single use. The scientifically formulated and patented PiliLock® Sevilla Orange Complex grips hair at the root to lock in, strengthen and secure strands. In addition, nourishing plant based ingredients hydrate your scalp leaving your hair fresh, full and youthful. 

Intact by Daniel Alain 

Nutrafol is a whole body daily wellness supplement taken that targets root causes that normally shorten and delay hair growth. Research shows that many times, theres not just one cause of cause of hair loss. There are several underlying factors and Nutrafol works to address these issues.  These factors that effect hair growth include, hormones, environment, nutrition, stress, and metabolism. 


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