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Hair Loss Solutions and Hair Restoration

Each women that comes into our salon deserves to find something that works best for her and her lifestyle. That is why we offer a wide range of hair loss solutions to our clients. 

CNC is our newest addition to hair restoration services.  It is a patented and certified manufacturing process and hair replacement system that is full customized to you. It involves a manual creation of a customized hair prosthesis according to the needs of each individual client.

The process begins with the creation of the cast of the client scalp. Next, with the help of precision software, a robot produces the clients scalp for the prosthesis. The base of the piece is crafted with a membrane of polymer resin and other substances selected for improving comfort and stability. The base is then manually injected with individual hairs following the clients hair type. This entire prosthesis is then applied to the clients scalp with appropriate medical grade adhesive. This allows our clients to perform any sport or activity with ease, comfort and total safety and security!

Toppers or Top Extensions are an alternative to wigs. Most women with toppers, use them to conceal areas of thinning hair or baldness. Our salon carries more than 10 brands of hair toppers, with a goal of finding the perfect match to your natural hair. We work with clients to customize their human hair toppers by coloring, cutting, perming and styling the topper to seamlessly blend into their natural hair.


We offer 3 different installation methods:

  • Sew in (semi permanent)

  • Bonding adhesive (semi permanent)

  • Clip in 

Wigs are a great choice for anyone looking for any type of change. Over the years, the technology in the wig industry has made units seamlessly integrate onto your head. With a wide variety of configurations (cap construction, length, color), we are sure to find something that you'll love! Even with the most unique desires, our in house stylists perfectly customize human hair wigs to fit your unique desires. Weather youre recovering from major hair loss or just want to change up your hair wardrobe, we have 150+ wigs in stock and work with our vendors closely to get anything you need. 


Extensions are meant to add volume and length to your natural hair. Recently we added our own exclusive Celebration Salon branded human hair extensions. As with any human hair, these are fully customizable to match your natural hair and achieve your desired look. 

We offer 4 different installation methods for extensions: 

  • Sew in

  • Tape in

  • Beaded

  • Keratin Tip

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